This Week in Conspiracy Theories: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Georgia GOP

Nov. 17, 2012

Hosted by Tom Roe. (56:44)

Ron Paul explains that secession is an American tradition, from his website. Mitt Romney explains that he lost the election because President Obama gave things away to minority groups, from ABCNews. A Republican group in Georgia explains President Obama won the election through mind control. Then preacher Michael Mills explains how rock bands insert secret, satanic messages in their songs. Prince, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Queen, and Metallica are sampled for backwards "masking." The show also plays songs from Patsy Cline ("Stop the World"), and others, and a news report from Free Speech Radio News about the cybersecurity bill currently before Congress. Hosted by Tom Roe.

Information about the Free Speech Radio News report included: "In Washington, D.C. today, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate re-elected their party leaders and laid out their policy priorities for the short term before the holidays. Both sides have also been angling for the allegiance of newly elected Independent Senator Angus King from Maine, who only made a decision after learning that remaining completely neutral would cut him out of the committee process. "And so I have decided to affiliate myself with the Democratic Caucus, because doing so will allow me to take independent positions on issues as they arise, and at the same time will allow me to be an effective representative with the people of Maine."

"King noted that the only two Independent Senators currently serving in Congress, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, also caucus with the Democrats. With the membership and leadership of the Senate hammered out, lawmakers are getting down to business. But with the Farm Bill, Defense Authorization Act, Violence Against Women Act, Hurricane Sandy disaster aid and US Postal Service rescue bill still left incomplete, the Senate is using its first days back in session to consider the Sportsmen’s Act, which allows for more hunting and fishing on public land. Lawmakers are scheduled to consider a Cybersecurity bill next, which has privacy and civil liberties advocates concerned. On Capitol Hill, FSRN’s Alice Ollstein has more."