Become a WGXC Member!

Membership provides the critical support needed to make WGXC a success. Membership starts at $25, or a pre-approved equivalent donation of materials or labor.

As a member you’ll be invited to participate in semi-annual members’ meetings, at which your participation will help shape WGXC’s future. Members are invited to elect two members to the WGXC Radio Council, the station’s governing board, and have access to discounted admission at events and other perks.

Most importantly, WGXC’s members are the building blocks of this project: your support will help bring non-commercial radio to Greene and Columbia counties.

WGXC Members Categories
Transmissions = $2,525 and over
Antennae = $1,025 - 2,524
Towers = $525 - 1,024
Transistors = $250 - 524
Circuits = $125 - 249
Capacitors = $50 - 124
Electrodes = $25 - 49

(Parade in Hudson during WGXC/Prometheus
Radio Project Station Barnraising Sept. 26, 2010.)

Become a WGXC Member by donating $25 (or more!) now, and help make community radio possible in Greene and Columbia counties.


Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, and may be submitted by PayPal/Credit Card via the Donate button above. Or, by check made payable to: WGXC, 5662 Route 23, Acra, NY 12405