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Saturday Night Special: If, Bwana, CO(P)E

April 26, 2014: 8 p.m. – April 27, 2014: 5 a.m.

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"Recorders, Recorders, Recorders." The possibility of using all the above possibilities presents itself in the event. Al Margolis (If, Bwana) with the assistance of the CO(P)E collective will present works for recorders of differing types - winds to anaolg to digital..in a 4 hour extravaganza (with some chatting and recordings being played as well - hell do we sound like marathoners?)- As a (probable) added bonus we might snatch up the midnight to 6Am slot for various things - including live installation as transmission works..and playing selections from Pogus, Sound of Pig and just various favorite tapes from the archive (or of course the preceding can be read as "we currently have no clue what to do")


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